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"MIMAX SOFTWARE GROUP" LLC was established on January 5, 2021. "MIMAX SOFTWARE GROUP" LLC is one of the few companies in Uzbekistan that works with corporate systems and companies on IT systems integration, professional services and software development. As a private company, "MIMAX SOFTWARE GROUP" LLC provides IT consulting, software design and development, as well as professional services and hardware deployment and maintenance to the following verticals:
Software development;
Automation of corporate services;
Development of projects for educational, pharmaceutical and health organizations;
Development of software for government organizations.
"MIMAX SOFTWARE GROUP" LLC is located in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, and offers its clients a full range of software development and engineering services that provide effective management.

Since 2021, "MIMAX SOFTWARE GROUP" LLC, which has been recognized in the local and regional markets and has a regional partner of its services, continues to work with high expectations and flexible solution offers to customers. "MIMAX SOFTWARE GROUP" LLC is a pioneer in interactive virtual teams (IVTs), which enables the client and service provider to establish fast and successful communication channels and support off-shoring and near-shoring business models, thereby meeting deadlines on time and correctly. sets off. The distinguishing point of "MIMAX SOFTWARE GROUP" LLC has three simple principles:
Real cooperation with customers and partners;
Thorough understanding of the client's business;
Determination to finish the job no matter what;
We also have special expertise in custom software development - such as providing specialized products, IT services and custom solutions to our corporate clients. We derive a competitive advantage from these unique capabilities and have developed the ability to implement and manage complex IT systems more effectively than many of our competitors in changing times.

Over the past 2 years, "MIMAX SOFTWARE GROUP" LLC has worked on more than 15 projects and has a large customer base of more than 20 customers in Europe and Uzbekistan, and continues to increase its experience. In addition, we offer reasonable Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that cover most of the additional maintenance. With our 24/7/365 support, we make troubleshooting as easy as possible. "MIMAX SOFTWARE GROUP" LLC is a company that aims to provide and optimize IT solutions from the initial stage of requirements definition to the final delivery, maintenance and continuous updating, meeting the needs of the client, deep understanding of the client's business. Our organization always looks at things from the customer's point of view, as well as from the customer's point of view to understand the real business needs of the IT solutions they deliver.

Our team works with passion and flexibility. We focus on being a reliable partner for our customers in terms of IT services and solutions, working collaboratively and helping them meet the challenges of modern times. In addition to Macedonia, "MIMAX SOFTWARE GROUP" LLC also has clients from the USA and Australia. Head of "MIMAX SOFTWARE GROUP" LLC: Yakubov Oktam Erkinovich. The team of "MIMAX SOFTWARE GROUP" LLC is considered a software development and service provider. The team of "MIMAX SOFTWARE GROUP" LLC performs its activities on the development and optimization of software orders from local and foreign countries. Achievements and certificates "MIMAX SOFTWARE GROUP" LLC team received "IT Park" residency status from June 30, 2022.

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